Saturday, August 22, 2009

Water Sumo

Yes, I, Phillip Martin, the self proclaimed “Skinny White Boy” has competed in sumo. And not just any sumo, Water Sumo (Japanese – Ume sumo). The town next to mine, Akadomari, held a festival where water sumo was the main attraction. My team of 5 was made up of 5 Asst. Language Teachers all from the US. We were pitted against the Post Office Team. Now, I’m not calling BS here, but no letter pusher I’ve ever seen was that jacked! Our team pretty much got rocked, and the other team went on to get second! Oh with the exception of ME! Yes, this Skinny White Boy won a sumo match! My opponent was about my size and gave me a good struggle for about 15 seconds, but once I had his leg, I spun him and tossed him into the sea! YEAH! I’d like to say thanks to WWE! All of the wasted hours I spent glued to the TV to watch Wrestlemania in Jr High suddenly seem worth it. I also entered the open match and got rocked by the guy who was the first to win 3 in a row. Some of the other ALT’s I went with won a match in the open round. It was great fun. Enjoy the pictures!


  1. Yaaaay WWE! So glad to -finally- be hearing about your adventures! I bet watching you Sumo was definitely something to see!

  2. Ahahaha! Awesome!!

    Water sumo!! One must make this a hit in Brazil!

    Maybe... Bikini girls sumo...
    I love Japanese inaka... so good!


  3. Congratulations! If teaching doesn't work out well for you, you might have found a new career

  4. Come on now Phillip...we both know it was your intense ki that really won that match! Props to you, that is most impressive!