Thursday, September 10, 2009


I knew my kids would be interesting, but I did not expect a blog-worthy article this soon. To begin, I had noticed that during one of my 6th grade classes 1 or 2 of the boys would randomly say “Do you like pants?” I thought nothing of it as we had been working with “I like” phrases and pants is an easy noun. Later, I was invited to play dodgeball with that class. Yeah…great start right? While trying my hardest to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge, I witnessed one of the boys hurl his melon shaped projectile at the closest unsuspecting classmate after violently yelling “DO YOU LIKE PANTS?” As an isolated incident that would be strange enough to warrant a blog entry, but it was not too long before nearly ever rubber ball that was chucked into the air was preceded by a rather violent clothing oriented question.
After carefully examining the event, I can only assume that the students have long pondered how they could express their undying affection for trousers in a foreign language whilst simultaneously taking part in a physical activity based on violence and degradation. Then I come along with a bag full of “I like” phrase and a dodgeball. Thanks to me they no longer have to wonder. Goal # 1 – Change a student’s life - Check!

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