Sunday, January 17, 2010

More pictures from my Winter Vacation

A painting on a wall in Seoul. Ummm, I know art often represents something far deeper than the artist's words can express, but let me try some: I AM A TWISTED FREAK!
A coffee shop that keeps sheep., I get it!
This statue was so fabulous.
This is supposed to say Happy New Year, but I believe it looks like a far darker tiding. A lower case N and an upper case W did them in I believe.

The Bird's Nest was HUGE! Practically the biggest "thing" I ever seen.Gotta know where to eat when you come to Beijing.
Speaking of eating!Come on! Like you wouldn't eat some scorpions if they flash fried them.
New Years in Beijing. An Australian decided to befriend us for the rest of 2009. He'd been "riding kangaroos" and decided to come visit Beijing. A great time all around

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