Thursday, January 28, 2010

How the Mighty Have Fallen

One of my classes was studying relative pronouns such as "Kobe Bryant is a person who plays basketball" where "who" connects the subject a descriptive clause . Who plays basketball? Kobe. So therefore Kobe is a person who plays basketball. BRILLIANT! I gave them a sheet that required them to make up similar phrases for well known sports stars, writers, actors etc. In trying to spread some American culture, I added Tiger Woods and Brad Pitt to the list of Japanese stars figuring that they would all know enough about these 2 men to say something resembling a correct answer. Little did I know that Tiger was all too well known even on Sado. "Who is Tiger Woods" I asked group number 3. "Tiger Woods is a man who has many girlfriends" they answered. That hilarious comment was shortly followed by group number 6's "Tiger Woods is an American who likes many women". Oh...yeah....He golfed at one point too, right?

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  1. Phillip - I had a great time reading all of your adventures today! Now that I've visited once, I'll be sure to check your posts more often:) Love and miss you! -Talley