Sunday, February 7, 2010


While visiting a local restaurant in Hamochi last December I was told by the owner that Sado has not received much snow in the past few years. This made me, a born and raised Georgia Boy not accustomed to snow in any great magnitude, quite happy. Well, Japan celebrated "setsubun", the beginning of spring, on February 3rd. Despite it being "spring" it was - 5 degrees that night, my kitchen was 2 degrees at 7:00am the next morning and it was snowing like crazy. By Friday we had what is called "nan nen buri yuki", which is best described as "Snow I don't know when we last had" or in Southern-speak "Snow I ain't seen since I was knee high to a pig's eye". Later, the news confirmed that Niigata has received more snow than it has in the last 26 years! As my friends on the east coast go through "Snowmageddon" I am doing my part to feel for you as I dig my car out of the snow. All the best to all of ya'll freezing your butts off down South.

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