Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just a tid bit

Due to my taking part in the Niigata Half Marathon next Sunday I will be unable to provide you dear readers with a worthwhile story for this week. To hold you over until my upcoming entry arrives, here are a few little details of my week that should entertain you until my next entry that will detail my first major race in Japan. Wish me luck and enjoy these tidbits.

• A 5th grader had this on his shirt "Blood Regular 77 Do You Want to Die".

• As the clock struck noon at my school today, I realized that I knew the bell chime for this week. The Titanic theme "My Hear Will Go On". What a joy that was.

Warning: To anyone who is on a diet or attempting to lose weight, this next entry may induce the following effects: Crying, Computer Smashing, and a Exorcist-esk Spinning of the Head.
A student asked me how much I weigh (a pretty usual question) and then he asked the teacher his weight. After telling the student that he was what I considered to be quite slim he told me, and I painfully quote "I am so busy with work that I cannot increase my weight" Please don't take your anger out on this innocent blogger.

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