Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mt Fuji

I climbed Japan's highest mountain, Mt Fuji, last weekend. Standing at 3,776m (12,388ft), the summit is over 2 miles high. This has been my highest trek to date. Here are some pictures from my last great adventure in Japan.

Fuji from the 5th station camp. About 2,300m.
Kitty is ready for a climb.
Path from 5th to 6th station.
Seeing clouds climb up towards you, amazing!
Tori gate at the 7th station.
Sunrise on the top of Mt Fuji. 4:18am. The cloud cover obstructed our view a bit, but the colors that were cast on the sky shortly before sunrise more than compensated for that.
The reflective band was so that I could be seen by other hikers as we were hiking in the dark in order to reach the summit by sunrise.
This one speaks for itself.
Fuji was a really different experience. With a terrain similar to what I would imagine Mars to be like, it is not the most exciting of hikes but the sunrise is certainly something. Hiking at night also offers some interesting perks. I got to see the Milky Way, look far out into Japan and see these little plumes of light I knew to be cities. Despite the freezing temperatures, the gale force winds and the natural stress of climbing any mountain, I had a wonderful time ascending Mt Fuji.

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  1. You got a reflective band??? I feel cheated!

    Glad you made it up and back safely!