Monday, July 19, 2010

Water Sumo Revisited

As one of my most popular post, I thought that Water Sumo needed a "redux" of sorts. Thanks to a good friend who doubles as a photographer, I have a play by play photos to share with you. Enjoy revisiting the Akadomari Water Sumo Bout of 2009.
Has a grown man ever look more proud....wearing a diaper in public? Probably not!

First, the proud warrior takes his stance. Never mind the dumb look on his face. That is to confuse his enemy.
The struggle begins! The warrior grapples with his foe like a boa on a panther!

Nearing the edge of the 2 foot precipice, the warrior confidently prepares to push his foe into the murky depths!

The warrior has managed to get his opponent off balance by jerking his man diaper.
A wise move.

The battle lasted moments, my victory will last forever, and I have no idea where my pride and sense of fashion went but I suppose they left before the end of the fist round.